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In chart view display hour & or resource name

At the moment it seems like you can only display cost which is good. But I'd like to be able to show who is responsible for the task and how many hours the task will take. Other than that I like the App it is simple to use and quite powerful. My iPAD has crashed twice since loading the app but at the moment I'm sure it is the cause.


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AdminPhilip Lee (Supporter, Mobilinked) responded  · 

NORMALLY!, the process of a project is: … → Breakdown Work (estimation) → SOW (contract) → High level plan → Schedule → executing and report → …
- WBS is for work breaking down, the project team will use it to evaluate the estimate, time and resources needs for contract.
- WBS is NOT to assign resource and plan the efforts
- WBS work is NOT same as project task ( there are many methods to break down work, for example by delivery, a delivery will NOT be same as a task)
- WBS can be a good reference for later planning, but the work in the WBS is not the list of the tasks when planning
That means WBS is not the step to maintain the schedule (the relationship of task, time and resource)

- people like the way WBS do to report project status (process step : executing and tracking) – like to report the project status LIKE the way WBS shows in a tree structure
- PM needs to report the custom the status of contract executing
Our project planning app “QuickPlan” provides function to export project as a WBS file, so the PM can use WBS to create the report

I’d like to emphasise that WBS is for working break-down (and estimation), which is not the step of project schedule and project tracking.


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  • AdminPhilip Lee (Supporter, Mobilinked) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Christian,

    Got your point about the reality, yes, some people like to schedule in a tree structure data.

    Same thing, different understanding. To schedule work, there are many methods:
    - Schedule in a grid (like using Excel to schedule project), that all the schedule apps do
    - Schedule using Gantt chart, that many schedule apps do
    - Schedule using network diagram, that some schedule apps do
    - Schedule using mindmap
    - Schedule in a tree structure data (that some people use WBS to do)

    Talking about MindMap, many people like use it for WBS, and for Schedule, and for other purpose (in additional to mind map). But MindMap app is majorly for mind map, we can not say that as many people use it for WBS, so MindMap need support the features WBS do. Another words, we can develop a WBS app which UI is similar as MindMap app for WBS needs.

    My understanding your point is that some people need a project SCHEDULE app to schedule task (assign resource, schedule date, cost ...) like the way WBS layout works.

    Our project plan app supports to open the WBS file as a new project schedule, and as the app for project schedule, the app supports to easily assign resource to tasks. I'd like suggest if you can tree the FREE beta version of QuickPlan for Mac at http://www.quickplan.xyz/

  • Christian commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the PM lesson, HOWEVER, I (and many other people) use the WBS as a powerful planning tool on an executive level (brainstorming with the board of directors/steering committee/CEO) and therefore I NEED to add resource's name in order to assign accountability to each branch.
    You see, one thing is the academic idea of an instrument. How you use it in real life and how it makes sense in your organization is a whole different story.

    Therefore, please add the possibility to assign resource's name to each branch/task.

    Thanks in advance,

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